Why don’t you whip up dozens of soups and store them in the freezer? Now that September is here, autumn has arrived in my mind, and now I crave hearty soups and stews. It’d be damn marvelous to have a serving ready to warm up with a chunk of hearty homemade bread. When it’s chilly like this, I need to warm up from deep within. I currently have a chickpea tomato stew simmering next to a pot of lentil soup. Treat yourself to something warm, reader.


Why don’t you spend a few minutes each day doing something relaxing and restorative? I recently started learning how to meditate properly, and I’m looking forward to it each afternoon. I’ve always been intrigued but never sure if I’d have good results. Turns out I love zoning out or thinking of my breath or visualizing for a spell. I feel so much lighter after fifteen minutes or so. And I swear it stopped what I feared was an MS flare. Try it, reader. It won’t hurt.


Why don’t you get yourself a copy of 1491 and marvel at the fantastic cultures of the Americas before they were slaughtered by Europeans? I use the word slaughter for dramatic effect, but it’s fairly true. The Spaniards did slaughter many, but many more died as the result of viruses that spread like wildfire through the Americas long before the European explorers made it too far inland. Terrible history, but you can’t change what happened. The only way to make amends is to understand the past. 1491 is a truly exceptional book. Get a copy.


Why don’t you treat yourself to a new bauble? I’m really wanting a large golden ring with a turquoise stone in it. I feel like my fingers should be covered in lovely glittery things. I think I would feel very fancy wearing rings. I have absolutely no idea what my ring size is, so I should probably figure that out at some point before I start shopping. Do you go and get all your fingers sized, or just the one you’re getting a ring on? And do you store this information somewhere? The whole thing seems complex. But I want one.


Why don’t you have a staycation sometime soon? I feel most alive when I’m traveling and exploring the world, but sometimes it’s quite all right to stay home and enjoy being there. My schedule is usually booked solid, and I can expect to do something almost every day. I like being active, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a treat to luxuriate for a couple days at home. I do my best to make my home feel like a retreat or a vacation destination, but I rarely have the opportunity to take advantage of it. I need a couple days of blissful solitude.

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