Why don’t you build on last week’s advice and experiment with other culinary delights than your usuals? Today my mission is to make David Lebovitz’s pink grapefruit marmelade that he posted a few minutes ago on his blog. I don’t regularly consume jam or jelly or whatever, but it looks so beautiful. And…I want to be the kind of person to spread a preserve on a piece of hearty sourdough toast in the morning. I’m not there yet, but life is so very long. Wish me luck, I’m off to look for organic pink grapefruits. 


Why don’t you find a cure for the Coronavirus? I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing about it. And I’m particularly tired of the misinformation that I’m hearing. I’m appalled by the United States’s reaction to the pandemic. And I’m just kind of mad about how paranoid the world has become. I know my request is simplistic, but for the love of all that is sacred, I’m going to lose my mind. Stop the madness. [UPDATE: I wrote this a while ago before the pandemic was clearly serious in the United States. Take this issue seriously now. I only wish I had earlier.]


Why don’t you go to the Nefertari exhibit in Kansas City before it closes at the end of the month? I went yesterday and had an exceptionally nice time looking at what are purported to be the mummified legs of this powerful ancient Egyptian woman. There are fascinating exhibits going on all the time in all sorts of places. Get out and learn something! [UPDATE: I wrote this a while ago before the pandemic was clearly serious in the United States. Do not go to the Nefertari exhibit. Don’t go to any exhibit. Don’t go anywhere. Stay home.]


Why don’t you spend some money that you don’t have and renovate a small space in your house? I decided that I simply could not look at the bathroom again, so I’ve been doing some much needed updates in my free time. I’ve had a new sink installed which is gorgeous. Right now, I’m in the process of changing up the walls. I’ve ordered some wallpaper and I’ve started to install some tiles on the walls to cover up the hideous patterns that are there now. It’s immensely soothing and I feel better about everything. And if we’re all going to have to go into quarantine, at least have the house look nice!


Why don’t you rent a bunch of the movies online that you never managed to see in theaters? Now that I’m not leaving the house, I have so much time on my hands. I’m actually managing to accomplish things for a rare change, but I still have so much free time that time has begun to lose all meaning. I’m going to rent Parasite tonight and see what that’s about; tomorrow I’m thinking about The Good Liar because it looks like a treat. We all deserve a treat right now. 

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