Why don’t you do some research on the native species where you live? I’m trying to clean up my yard and add some flowers and trees that are nice and native, but this is NOT what I’m talking about. Yesterday, I was picking up a branch that had fallen into the yard, but as I got closer, I discovered that the branch was actually a yard-long snake. I don’t mind snakes. It wasn’t moving and I wasn’t sure if it was injured or dead. I poked it gingerly with a stick as a welfare check, but it didn’t move. THEN IT RATTLED ITS TAIL AT ME! I was taken aback. I never knew that Iowa had anything like it. I’m confident that it was a timber rattlesnake and I’m shocked. I thought we just had silly little snakes here. I never knew we had venomous snakes. Let me tell y’all…it was an adrenaline rush! Be prepared.


Why don’t you binge watch all three seasons of La Casa de las Flores on Netflix? I’m no good at binge watching, though I wish I had the power to sit for ten hours and watch the entirety of a show. If I’m honest, though, that sounds like torture. Even if I loved the show more than life itself, that’s just something I’m not able to do. I adore La Reina del Sur but I couldn’t just sit and watch all sixty episodes of the first season. It took me months! Anyway, the third and final season of the wonderful La Casa de las Flores was released on Netflix a few weeks ago and I just finally finished. It brilliantly wraps up the story of the de la Mora family with heart and charm and it was even better than I could have anticipated. This is one of the programs that will always be on my mind. It was beautiful, funny, incredibly emotional, and therapeutic. Go now. Go watch. NOW.


Why don’t you adopt a kitten? If you follow my social media accounts (why don’t you do that if you don’t?), you’ll be familiar with MailCat, the latest love of my life. He’s a silly little kitty that I brought to the farm about a year ago, and ever since, he’s been a constant companion. I’ve known for months that I was going to bring him inside, but I procrastinated as I worried how my inside cats would react. Today, he was attacked by a vile tomcat, so as soon as I could calm him down, I brought him in and made up a room upstairs. He’s going to the vet soon and he’s going to be living with Edwina and Clea full time. I hope they all get along. I love them all so very much. 


Why don’t you learn how to make a few truly excellent egg dishes? Learn to make them…wait for it…get ready…eggcelently? God that’s good. When you can make the perfect scrambled egg and the most divine omelette, you will always be prepared for a quick and satisfying meal with little prep and less stress. I’ve taken to filling an omelette with queso fresco and a generous amount of homemade curtida (A Salvadorian slaw that is heavenly) and it is one of my favorite things in the world. And when you add feta to eggs scrambled on the barest simmer…well, there is nothing quite like it. FEAST.


Why don’t you buy a solar powered fountain for every spot in your yard that has standing water? I found this little thing on Amazon for a smidge over $20 and am absolutely enamored. It just floats on the water and pumps out a gorgeous little stream of water using nothing but the power of the sun. It’s nice ambiance, but another unexpected treat is that it helps avoid mosquito breeding. Mosquitos need still freshwater to successfully reproduce and thrive. This prevents mosquitos and it’s lovely! Go shopping!

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