Faux Tumblr: Installment 1

I loathe/love hipsters. That statement really has nothing to do with this post, but yet it does. I don’t understand the culture, but I like the look. I would never want to be labeled a hipster, but I would go shopping with them. I like their fashion sense–all that plaid, acetate glasses, layers, vintage denim, scruffy beards. I love a scruffy beard. I can’t grow a scruffy beard, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

Now, this is going to be hard to believe, but that picture is not Matt Bomer. It’s not his son. It’s me. We’re not even related! I can’t be the only one who sees this, can I? The jaw, the eyes, the lips? I’m impatiently waiting for somebody to start that doppelgänger trend on Facebook again so that I can post this image:

Twins! Above and below.

Anyway, onto the actual post.

I plan on getting a new computer in the upcoming months. Probably that fancy new MacBook Pro that has more features than I’ll ever really need to browse the Internet, write, blog, edit pictures, and whatnot, but I don’t care. It’s a sexy computer. But, it has a MAJOR downfall (in my eyes, anyway), the base model only has 256 GB of storage and that just won’t do. Do you know how much music I have? Do you know how many pictures I’ve taken? So, before I upgrade, I’m going though all my files and deleting things I don’t need. Yesterday, I deleted a ton of applications I rarely used and some I never opened once. That was a whole 12 gigabytes…le sigh.

Now I’m going over pictures I’ve collected from the Internet and my phones. I don’t really need them, but they aren’t huge, so it’s not a big problem. But, I don’t need them, so I’ll post them on here so that I have them for future reference. I’m going to make a kind of faux Tumblr. Have you been on one of those before? You can’t get off. It’s worse than a YouTube loop. I was in one of those this afternoon looking at pool construction videos. It was exhausting. Check this Tumblr out: whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com, see you in a week.

Me in a former life.

Looking stunning in a changing room.

I can’t!

A kind note from Amy Sedaris. I made her say “hobocamp.” It was awesome.

Shadow, right before he died. I made sure he was buried in his favorite pink sweater.

I wish they were my best friends.

I want an oversized version over the mantlepiece in the Penthouse (which I don’t have…yet!)

An editorial Absolutely Fabulous fashion spread. I still haven’t recovered from how amazing this is.

Joanna Lumley is one of my icons. One of my icons that is still alive, anyway. I adore everything about her, and if I can only ever be a little like her, I’d be content. I used to have this perpetual daydream that somehow I’d see her in New York when she was on Broadway. We’d be in the same cozy little bistro late after her show, and I’d go over to compliment her. She’d be charmed by me and invite me to sit at her table. History from then on, you know.

When I have everything, this is the gift you get me. It’s…everything.


Amazing watercolor by Allison Harvard. I bought this and hung it with pride as the focal piece on my “Awkward Kitten Art Wall.”

Another of her pieces that I’m obsessed. If my books are ever published, I want her to do the cover art. She captures just what I love.

Oh, Amy, I love you. I miss you awfully. The makeup is gorgeous. Perez didn’t need the caption, though. RUDE!

Amy Winehouse as a child!

Obsessed. This is perfection. I will have to install this in my East Coast vacation home. (Which I don’t have…YET!)

The middle cake. I’d get married just for the cake.

I love crazy, Middle-Eastern art. What is this? I love it.


Shouldn’t make me laugh…but it did.

This. Is. Divinity. Everything I love. Karl! Fashion! Espresso! Paris! Photography! Attractive people! Ugh, if only my life were a little like this.

Chicest shirt ever.


OMFG! A baby owl!

It’s too much for me! Exploding with cuteness!


One of my favorite paintings, Yachting on the Mediterranean, by Julius LeBlanc Stewart. He was a magnificent artist. I think I’ll hang this one in the reception room in the Penthouse. Maybe the piano room?

Who doesn’t adore Betty?

My 21st birthday. My hair looked a hell of a lot better after it was toned. Unfortunately, that was after this otherwise adorable picture. I should dye my hair again. I want to go red. Prince Harry red. I think I could pull it off.

I also love Eastern Orthodox Catholic icons. This is the Madonna with child. I’m not religious…like at all, but I do love religious art. Curious, that.

Trying to turn Jessica into a fashionista. Failed.

A very friendly message Pa and I saw when exploring an abandoned school.

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears descending from the heavens.


Stillwater in Winter.

Tiger is sexy. He knows it.

Shadow watching a snowstorm.

Midge and I looking fabulous.

After my hair was toned. Much better. This is when I finally wasn’t fat anymore. Thank, Buddha!

Forgotten tombstones at the original Peoples cemetery.

My favorite picture of Shadow.

I love these plates. They’re a series of macabre images. Very expensive and hard to find.

Shadow ready to text.

I have a lot more pictures than I thought. Oh well, I’ll post them in installments.



















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