Why don’t you schedule your day to ensure you receive eight hours of sleep? I’m laughing at myself for writing this because I literally never do. But last night, I managed to pass out early, and I feel hella refreshed. It’s bizarre. I normally don’t feel this way. It’d be great to wake up in the morning with energy more than once a year. I’m going to attempt to sleep more. There’s always so much to do, though, but sleep is more important than I give it credit for.


Why don’t you take some time to curate your life in the off chance you suddenly die? I mean, that’s a morbid concept, but it’s so good to prepare. So, think of your heirs and future biographers and make life easier for them by organizing. Get your papers in order, burn the ones you don’t want remembered, throw away the crap you know you’ll never use, and perhaps insert a mystery into your life. Build a secret room or write a journal in your own language. Delightfully imagine the perplexed expressions of those who survive you as they try to translate a message that says, “Lolz, hola from the Other Side.”


Why don’t you participate in a monthly project like that month where people write a book or don’t shave their face? I would normally dismiss this idea, but whilst reading one of my multiple sclerosis newsletters, I read an alarming good idea. It’s called Sleeptember. Immediately intrigued, I had to learn more. This is where people try to get more sleep than usual for the month. We’re nearly halfway through now, but I’m going to give it a go. It’s so fabulous to be rested. I doubt I’ll manage, but damn it, I’ll try.


Why don’t you have a custom watch band crafted for yourself? I often wonder why I haven’t followed my own advice and acquired a gorgeous black alligator leather band for my Apple Watch. It would be to my tastes exactly. I can’t think of anything more elegant to wear. I have tried to make my own, and I managed to find a band I liked and tools to put it together, but the clasp was wrong. It was bright silver, and my watch is gold, and this stressed me out tremendously, so I don’t use it. But I need one. I must head off to a watchmaker.


Why don’t you watch Rachel Maddow’s interview with Hillary Clinton from September 14th? I was spellbound by the half hour chat with our should-be president and marveled at the fact that she was not. It’s absurd that we are being led by such a buffoon. I will come to terms with this, I suppose, but I don’t feel like I’m ever going to fully understand this situation. History will look back with such confusion. The conversation between Rachel and Hillary was so competent, rational, and kind. When we failed to elect Hillary we truly failed ourselves and our future.

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