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Why don’t you follow me and one of my favorite Hollywood fashion trends and wear gorgeous pajamas as everyday wear? My fashion pajamas are not designer, reader, my gorgeous tops are from Goodwill. If you give yourself an hour to dig through the women’s pajama section, you will find some truly delightful things. Today I’m wearing this fantastic leopard print pajama top that makes me feel and look like I’m ready to go to a Spice Girls concert. 


Why don’t you treat yourself to something you absolutely don’t need? I have been fascinated by e-book readers since they first came out. I remember the first one I ever saw, it was monstrously big and seemed hard to manage. I couldn’t afford it, but I lusted after it for years. While down in Mexico City I fell back in love with my Kindle and decided that I deserved or upgrade to a new one with a backlight. Not necessary at all, but I’m so pleased. Treat yourself. 


Why don’t you eat your body weight in grapefruit? Odd request I know but I have been absolutely obsessed again with grapefruit. While on vacation, I saw the most beautiful grapefruit tart advertised at Maison Kayser, but could never find it for sale. This crushed me. So I haven’t been able to stop eating it ever since. I am so in love with those little fruit cups. I’m producing way too much plastic waste lately, but they’re so good. They’re like candy. Gorge on grapefruit, reader. 


Why don’t you give yourself some slack and realize that you can’t possibly do everything you want to do in a day and still hope to have time for restorative sleep? Maybe this is just a me thing, but every night I prepare a to-do list for the next day of all the things I feel urgently need accomplished. I actually get them all done maybe three times a year, and I spend the rest of my time feeling guilty about all that I didn’t get around to, even if I still managed to accomplish a ton. I’m going to try to be easier on myself.


Why don’t you join me in binge watching season two of Ingobernable on Netflix? This is one of my very favorite shows and I haven’t stopped raving about it since I watched the first episode. It’s all about the First Lady of Mexico played by my favorite actress, Kate del Castillo, and she’s on the run after being falsely accused of killing her husband, the president. It is fabulous. I’m going to spend the entire night watching episode after episode. It will be the most fabulous Friday of my life!

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