Faux Tumblr: Installment 3

Good Lord, there are lots of pictures on my computer. Hope you enjoy them.

This is one of my favorite things I’ve come across online. It’s the original draft of Gone With the Wind. I adore that book. It’s my very favorite and it’s a constant inspiration for my own work. I sometimes feel that I’m the secret literary love child of Ashley and Scarlett. Seriously, I’m both of them. I’m going to have this printed to hang above my writing table.

Have you heard of The Great Moon Hoax of 1835? Do yourself a favor and Google it. One of my favorite stories.

Another of my dream hairstyles.

I love this hair color and this hairstyle and I want it on my head. NOW!

This impressed me. I need to get myself to Zimbabwe, I’ll be so freaking rich.

Too much! Hedgehog babies think this brush is their mother!

This is too good.

This was me in my Evita stage. I love my hair here.

These pictures inspired me to not be fat anymore. Anyway, look how close I was to Britney! That was so much fun.

A beautiful hotel we stayed at in Saint Louis. (I refuse to write St. Louis, so demode to abbreviate.) It’s the Hotel Renaissance and it’s wonderful.

I’m well aware of how awful this is, but we have to agree that it’s brilliant. Too soon?

One of my favorite memes of all time. I love Ina!

If I ever release an auto-tuned album, I want something like this for the cover.

If I wasn’t already convinced I needed an iPad, I was after seeing this picture in the Apple Store. The macarons aren’t filled very well, though, which is a major no no.

I am obsessed with this. An iPad + a Victrola Horn = antique/modern genius. Must have one. Must build one.

JANET JACKSON RETWEETED ME! This was before I guess she was calling Paris an “ungrateful bitch.” Those Jacksons are crazy!

This image cemented my complete adoration of our nation’s current administration. Jill is wearing a red peacoat and hooker boots in January at the Inauguration. #totesamaze

Art Deco portrait of Joan Crawford. I die.

I’m glad The Penthouse has a lot of mantels, because this one is going right up. I think I’ll have a small, intimate Cinema Chamber in addition to the Theater Room.

My all time favorite picture of Joan Crawford. So chic.

I love everything about this image. It’s from my favorite reality show, Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best. Joan had some work done and looks fabulous leaving the hospital. Norma Desmond Realness. I hope to someday get a print of this with Joan’s autograph.

Bey’s website is pretty good, I’ll admit that. What is this footprint thing she’s talking about?

SO. Much. YES! I just adore Karl. He’s so chic and otherworldly. I can’t wait until I meet him. I want him to autograph my right bicep, which I will then have tattooed. I’m not kidding. Not at all.

Preach, Hunty!

I about collapsed seeing this one. So cute.

This is genius. I want one! I have yet to perfect the kolache, but I must do this! I have a gardening tool that looks like this, perhaps it will work?
























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