LUXOR: The Karnak Conundrum

Coming to the end, a well-uniformed security guard approached me and told me that I was sure to get a wife now. I smiled and chuckled to myself and replied, “Inshallah.” This pleased him inordinately, and so I was led on a long walk with him into more to those off-limit sites for a bit of baksheesh. Everybody’s charmingly corrupt in Egypt. He led me into a chamber with something to do with Alexander and went to find a man who was going to give me great good luck. I shrugged again, any luck was better than no luck, after all.

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Spontaneous Chicago: Part 1 – Peasants, Ghetto, and Pharaohs

I don’t have many flaws that I will admit to. I’m a Leo and we don’t do that. But, I will tell you that I have a terrible problem with […]

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Things I Loved/Hated This Week #25

LOVE: Spring Cleaning: In the spirit of spring cleaning, I have decided to become a minimalist. If I am to be a world traveler and follow summer around the world, […]

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