Faux Tumblr Installment: 7

I can’t stop saving pictures, so it’s time for another delightful installment of my faux Tumblr. Prepare yourself for fun.

Co%CC%82te+d%27Azur+329I have become obsessed with Jean Cocteau’s art again. It was so simple and yet so distinctive. I hate myself that when I stayed at the Hôtel Welcome in Villefranche-sur-mer, I wasn’t as appreciative of his pieces on display there. He used to stay in that hotel and even painted a chapel in the village that is now a French national treasure. I was more interested in the beach, my balcony, the cemetery, and the rubble pit that used to be the Hôtel-ker-Maria, though, so I didn’t think to go. Next time, I’ll fix my error.




I need this shirt more than I need anything else in this world.

tumblr_mfczbzh1rj1qcv80uo1_1280My cats are all desperate for this collar. They’re really hip cats.

tumblr_mh7jj3jKUu1r8x9g8o1_1280Who are they? Where is this tiger? Can we all be best friends? PLEASE?!?!?!?

tumblr_mh25bkewoL1qff6lzo1_1280Inspiration for wallpaper. Wouldn’t this be a stunning dining room? Not outside, of course, but the same idea.

tumblr_mhwtu26hQZ1r9943oo1_1280This is the saddest, yet most elegant toilet I’ve ever seen.

TWJ9mQpKittens and tequila!

tumblr_mjff1zVK2p1qmi2uko1_500I used to make fun of this quote, but I really get it right now.

tumblr_mhm14wjvPd1qkg5u5o1_500I cannot wait to be an old person and act like this all the time.

tumblr_mh4zri5hHF1qd11kxo1_500I wish this were real.

tumblr_mfbalc64Ut1rm1pqbo1_500Made me laugh.

tumblr_mdlaspFvRG1qa8vdgo1_500I need this in my life. I want to drink pink champagne and wear a suit and sit in there late into the night while old records play. Ahh…I was not meant for these days. My time was the early 20th Century.


We have…like…so much in common. Hair and a love of beds.

tumblr_mewsm5Pneg1rbdxr4o1_500I’m Fat Amy in my mind.

tumblr_mfgv0xmyY21qff6lzo1_1280I’ve been wanting this sweater for ages! He found it at a thrift shop. #totesjelly



Tom Daley LifeguardHelp! I’m drowning!

tommdGet dressed, Tom!



tumblr_mf1iclS2kH1qe4vldo1_500This looks like me, so I saved it. I think that phrase is supposed to be inspirational or something.

tumblr_mi6a4vrAp31qlvwnco2_500Next year’s Valentine #1.

tumblr_mi2vmnEtDx1r0qfsfo1_r1_500Next year’s Valentine #2.

tumblr_mhz9ikcVuw1r5pycvo1_500Next year’s Valentine #3.

Speaking of Tyra, let’s talk about the injustice of me not being on America’s Next Top Model. Here’s how my friends reacted:

tumblr_mhnhqqbGRs1rknrf9o1_500Paris and Nicole were shocked.

tumblr_mia0gnIVBI1qlvwnco1_500Ru was flabbergasted.

tumblr_mh3asb7DNp1qghn17o1_500Hillary told me, “Gurl, get over it, you’re better than reality television.”

Karl wanted to give me a hug.

tumblr_mhkbrbakQP1qgb5p1o1_500Once she could speak, Ru sent me some encouraging words while I was feeling down.

tumblr_inline_mjuecqRJtm1qz4rgpAndré and Ms. J were like, “Join the club.”

shocked_331x450Tom was this close to sobbing.

proxyGrumpy Cat was no help at all.

Le sigh…



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